Three “Tooth Fairy” Ideas From Around The World

If you have a child, you’ve probably had a discussion or two about the Tooth Fairy.  Dental practices like Visalia Childrens Dental Surgery Center get a lot of questions about the best way to handle the Tooth Fairy. Some parents absolutely love leaving money and treats for their children, and other parents feel a little conflicted about it.  Some may feel like they’re being dishonest with their child, and others may think that believing in the tooth fairy could set up some false expectations for being rewarded for relatively small things.  If you’re on the fence about the Tooth Fairy, it may reassure you to learn that almost every culture around the world has a tradition for children that lose their baby teeth.  Losing baby teeth is a milestone for children everywhere.  If you aren’t that into the traditional tooth fairy setup, you could adopt one of these rituals from around the world.

Toss your teeth

Putting baby teeth under a pillow is traditional, but it isn’t very exciting.  Some children in Asian countries take a more active role in their tooth loss celebration, and will throw try to throw their lost baby tooth over the roof or under their house!  Some may also call out a wish for their missing tooth to get replaced by mice teeth.  Mice have teeth that constantly grow, so it makes sense that they’d want healthy and plentiful teeth.  Surprisingly, this isn’t the only mouse related tooth lose tradition…

Get a visit from the tooth mouse

Spain and other Hispanic cultures have their own unique version of the Tooth Fairy, but theirs is a little furrier than ours.  When Spanish children lose a tooth, they can expect a visit from Ratocinto Perez, an adorable mouse that collects baby teeth.  Like the Tooth Fairy, this mouse comes at night to collect baby teeth from kids and in exchange for money and other treats.  Some children in Argentina shy away from leaving things under pillows, and they leave their teeth in glasses of water.  Tooth collecting can be hard work, and Ratocinto Perez will drink the water and leave their gift in the empty cup!

Bury your baby teeth

Do you have a child that loves to play in the sandbox?  If so, you may want to reconsider putting their baby teeth underneath their pillow.  Some European children bury their baby teeth once they fall out.  Some view the act as “planting” their old tooth so that a new healthy tooth appears.  Either way, it’s a fun method for getting your child excited about losing their baby teeth!